Where It All Began

It's All For the Love of Sugar

Est. 2010

Hi there! My name is Manal and let me start by telling you that I love sugar. My love for sugar helped construct me into the cake connoisseur I am today.

I went to school for Marketing Management, but after graduating and working full-time and baking for close friends and family, I realized baking and making edible art creations was what I really wanted to do and loved. So, I quit my job and pursued baking full-time. After a few years of venturing off on my own, it’s time that I share that passion with you all.

By combining my Middle Eastern roots, creativity and love for sugar, I am creating comforting sweets and delectable treats you can’t find anywhere else. I want to create an atmosphere where everyone will feel welcome and comfortable. I invite you to join me on this journey right in the heart of Detroit. ♥

Manal, Founder
For The Love Of Sugar

For the Love of Sugar took many turns to eventually end up where it stands now. What started as a hobby of baking and painting, turned out to be fuel to start a successful bakery. Once I realized my passion for baking, I tried more and more recipes, simply to see what was possible to make into an edible art creation. I soon realized that I found my new passion for baking.

The more I pushed my limits with what I could bake, the more I saw an opportunity to make friends and family happy with my creations. Since my early days of baking, my mantra was to never take the easy way out. When my recipes failed, which happened more times than I’d like to admit, I went back to the drawing board and studied these failures each and every time so that eventually my failures could become my ultimate success. And that’s where For the Love of Sugar stems from and will remain rooted.

Manal, Founder
For The Love Of Sugar

First Class Service

At For the Love of Sugar, we pride ourselves on serving nothing but the very best quality of service. Whether we’re fixing up a batch of macarons, designing a custom cake, or crafting a cup of coffee for your morning, we pour our hearts into everything we make. That’s a difference you can taste.

Quality In Every Bite

We started our journey baking cakes for family members and friends. Since then, and until now, we use nothing but the very best quality of ingredients in everything we bake. We find it so rewarding to show customers how delicious sweets can be when they are made from scratch using the finest ingredients.

What Our Customers Say


Matilda cake, if you're a chocolate lover. GET IT. It's really delicious. Cake isn't dry and it's a perfect density. CHOCOLATE ON CHOCOLATE ON CHOCOLATE AND A WHOLE BUNCH MORE OF CHOCOLATE. I will need to come back. Such a beautiful place and beautiful people.

Clinton, MI


For the love of sugar is right. This place is absolutely beautiful! From the moment you step up to the door, you're immediately mesmerized by the detail. The ceiling, the chandeliers, the colors, the flavors and the variety is definitely a 5/5,

Dearborn, MI


I truly enjoyed my experience at this establishment. Very clean, friendly staff, very modern as well as age appropriate for all. You could take your grandmother in for coffee and macaroons or your siblings just to have a light snack.

Grand Rapids, MI


This could absolutely be one of my favorite dessert places right now. I love that a lot of the treats are vegan and gluten free and everything that I tried wasn't overly sweet. Everyone that we spoke with behind the counter was extremely nice, and the cafe itself is as beautiful as the creations they have in their display cases.

Ypsilanti, MI


This is one the best places in Midtown to get sweets. They have great coffee and tea as well as free WiFi. They have treats that bring you back to childhood. I go a few times a month! Their service is super friendly and amazing!

Clinton, MI


Wow, wow, wowza! First the design, this place is like walking into a dessert museum. Even if you are not a fan of sweets this place draws you in. If you are looking delicious desserts, exotic cakes, friendly customer service and great coffee in downtown Detroit, this is you're place.

Dearborn, MI


Ok I do not like macaroons but HOLY MOLY! These macaroons are to die for. The perfect consistency and amount of filling. I look forward to coming back and trying their cakes because they are absolutely beautiful! Great addition to midtown!

West Bloomfield, MI

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